Get Pumpkin SPICED for Success

Pumpkin spice latteIt’s the beginning of September, and it already feels like the busyness of fall is in full swing. My newsfeed is filled with first day of school pictures, Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes, and I even saw someone trying to wear a scarf in today’s 90 degree weather. Although I can’t relate to all the “back to school” hustle and bustle of a whole new schedule, my daily routine is still definitely changing with the season. Here’s what’s new:

  • I’m swapping my CrossFit membership for 10k training. (So much cheaper but equally as scary!)
  • I’m going to join a small group at my church that meets once a week.
  • I have started blogging, so I have to keep up with that now 🙂
  • Of course I have to make time for at least one good fall TV show! (How will I ever choose?!)

Though these changes are few, they definitely require me to shift my focus and stay organized. SO, in lieu of pumpkin spiced everything, I was reminded of SPICED, an acronym I learned that is designed to help you work on ALL the areas of your life that need tending to.

Here’s what it stands for:


  • S – Spiritual
  • P – Physical
  • I – Income
  • C – Community
  • E – Education
  • D – Domestic

Every letter stands for an area that is likely to be a priority in your life. The idea is to write these words down each day, and think of ways you can fulfill a goal that relates to it. If you work a little bit in each area every day, just imagine how much you will have accomplished by the end of the month!

I owe the credit of this great goal-reaching idea to a lady I interviewed for my CBU alumni column in The BannerPatricia Drown, PhD, is a professor of criminal justice, a published author, and a criminologist. When I asked her to remind me of her acronym, she told me that the letters of SPICED have shifted through the years as her priorities have changed, but the basic idea has helped her maintain and grow her success. At the age of 63, she is now a dean at the university where she teaches, is very active in her community, and has maintained her trim figure for years. You can check out her daily inspirational blog over at

Anyways, if SPICED doesn’t suit your goals, you can definitely change up the letters. I tried to adjust mine, and I almost made a cool acronym with SUPER, but it didn’t completely work. I tried for a really long time and even used the Words With Friends cheat for help… Ha! If you can come up with one that spells out a cool word, PLEASE let me know in the comments!