One Easy Way to Make a Bad Day Better

photo (10)I stumbled upon this tip when I was having one of those “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days.” It was the Sunday after my birthday, and Chad and I had BIG plans to go to Disneyland and Downtown Disney after church to get my birthday present – fancy dinner paired with a cute, boyfriend style watch made by Fossil himself. It was going to be perfect.

Our morning was great. We went to church, came home, and everything was going according to plan… until we decided to check our mail before we left. Not only did we welcome bill after bill into our laps, but we found a friendly letter from Mr. IRS saying that we owed him a FAT sum of money. Apparently we had missed something on our taxes back in 2012, and now we had to pay that huge amount in full within the next week. It became obvious that our plans of buying a fancy Fossil watch and dining at the Blue Bayou were just not going to happen. We sat there on the couch bewildered for a while, pondering the terribleness of turning another year older and getting served with “responsibility” instead of expensive surf & turf… and then I got a brilliant idea. 

“When you’re having a bad day anyways, be responsible.”

Since the day probably couldn’t get any worse, I thought I would trudge through some miserable tasks that I had been putting off. First, I decided to pay all the bills we had just discovered. Then, I went to my computer and FINALLY figured out how to fix the annoying thing that keeps popping up on my screen. I just did it and got it over with. Next, I decided to back up my iPhone, which is always a stressful experience. I never know if I’m going to accidentally erase everything on it or send it all up to “the cloud.” 

All in all, I did about ten really UNFUN things that day. But you know what? I finished that day with a huge sense of relief. I took care of my business, and I was responsible. I no longer had those little annoying tasks to nag at me. PLUS, I knew that by doing these annoying things all at once, I wouldn’t have to risk messing up one of my fantastic days with a task that could turn it into a bad day.

Another advantage is that this whole experience made for a great survival story to tell a friend. “Susie, let me tell you JUST HOW BAD my day was.” And then Susie and I would laugh and laugh… because my day was filled with all these “terrible” things, but I survived. 

So, the next time you have a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, remember that you can turn your bad day around by doing a few responsible things.

photo (11)Here are a few ideas: 

  • Call someone from India and tell them about false charges on your account
  • Give your cat a bath
  • Plan your budget; pay your bills
  • Hold your breath and sync your iPhone
  • Try to toubleshoot all your technology
  • Clean things that are meant to clean other things: e.g, the shower, the washer (It makes no sense)
  • Do burpees 
  • Drink prune juice 
  • Stand in line at DMV
  • Check the mail

How about you? What are some of your LEAST FAVORITE responsible things? Let me know in the comments!